"Botanical Senses" Set

Essential kit for effective daily care of sensitive and irritated skin. Gentle cleanser, together with a balancing facial mist, cleanse the skin gently but effectively. A rich multi-lamellar cream hydrates, repairs and soothes the skin. This set is aimed to fight premature skin ageing, restore the epidermal barrier, regenerate damage and maintain overall skin health.
You can learn more about each product in the individual product card.

This set contains of:

Cleansing and balancing ritual:
Naked Beauty MLE Cleanser & Balancing Facial Mist

Hydration and restoring ritual:
Revival & Soothing Hydration MLE Cream

*Purchasing Hemp Glow Ritual products in a set you are not only getting the best price but you also get it in a gift box for free. 

*Shades of product may vary due to the concentration of natural ingredients
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